Home Additions Built for Wellesley, MA

Wellesley, MA’s Home Additions Experts

Priore Custom Homes and Renovations offers a variety of services that can make quite the contribution to a flawless home that you and your family can enjoy. Our experience allows us to implement state of the art builds with projects that vary from a small room to a complete home. We have been servicing the Newton, Wellesley, and Needham area since 2002 and have successfully manufactured considerable satisfaction throughout the building process with our clients.

  • Kitchen & Great Room

    For most individuals these rooms become the focal points of time and design within a home. We utilize the necessary resources to ensure these rooms pinpoint the need for comfort and want for a unique style of living.

  • Specialty Rooms & Home Expansions

    These rooms range from home gyms to unique office spaces to fit the needs of the homeowner. We confidently approach each design and development so to ensure the space brings fourth the attention it deserves.

  • Outdoor Living & Exterior

    These specific areas are very important to us as they provide a first impression for the homeowner as well as others. Whether you are looking for an area to entertain or seeking an environment that reduces your carbon footprint with exterior features, we can help make that happen.

  • Complete & Custom Homes

    With complete renovations or custom built homes, we maximize our resources to ensure your home is exactly what you envisioned. Our goal is to minimize costs as much as possible while offering unique and skillful layouts that seamlessly flow with your lifestyle.

With the implementation of our 5 step process, we are able to successfully meet and/or exceed the needs of our clients by offering custom designs, excellent quality, superior service, and favorable timelines. Our process includes:

PHASE I : Initial Consultation – To begin, we like to give you a general background of who we are and how we would like to assist you with your project needs. We also feel it is vital that we discuss your project goals, expectations, budgets and ideas so that we can determine the best “plan of action” when proceeding with your custom project.

PHASE II : Implementation into Design

This phase allows us to take the information discussed during the consultation and implement them into a functional and seamless design while servicing your budget. Once we have a preliminary design, we will discuss them with you to ensure we are resourcefully targeting your expectations.

PHASE III : Approval – After we have discussed our designs and ideas that we drew from our initial consultation you will then have the opportunity to make adjustments as needed until you are completely satisfied.

PHASE IV : Building Initiation – Once we have received your approval of the provided designs, our professionals begin the equipment and parts delivery. Following, your ideas and our professional expertise are well organized into the building process.

PHASE V : Completion – Priore Custom Homes and Renovations take pride in our custom designs and are eager to bring your ideas to life!

We strive to ensure our clients have a valuable experience every step of the way!

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